Tatunka Tattoo

"THINK before you INK"

No one regrets ink from Tom.  

Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about INK...


Let's get right down to it...The 1st question everyone wants to know...

"How much will my tattoo cost?" $100 an hour ($40 minimum) Your best bet is call, make an appointment to come in and show your art. This is the best way to get an EXACT price.

"Is there an age limit?" yes, 18. Please have an ID ready.

"Are consultations free? and do I need an appointment for one?" YES! and Yes, and appointments help!

"Do I need an appointment for the INKING?" It helps. But you can always chance it and walk in to see if the studio i not busy.

"Can I be stoned or drunk...you know...to kill the pain?" No. You should be sober.

"Will I have to read and sign anything? If so, can I get it ahead of time? YUP. Click below!



"Can I get some holes in my body too (ears, face, etc.)?" NO. Ink Only.

"Will it hurt?" Maybe. Everyone has a different threshold of pain. And face it...this is a needle. Most people say it's tolerable after a few minutes and a few people even LIKE the feeling! (no names...please...)

"May I bring my 12 children?" This is strongly discouraged. Even with supervision, this shop is full of very fragile artwork. It's too easy to get wrapped up in the ink and not keep an eye on the brood.


Parts of the foot NOT suitable for INK!

Parts of the foot NOT suitable for INK!

"Are there parts of the body you WON'T tattoo?" Genitals, face and parts of the feet...(Achilles tendon, toes and that tickley arch part!)

"Are there images you won't tattoo?" Derogatory racial images (i.e., swastikas)

"You inked me...now what?" The care and feeding of NEW INK is easy

  • Stay out of the sun and water for 2 weeks (but by all means, PLEASE shower! just don't soak it!)

  • Keep it lubed up with something like Badger Balm. (Tatunka Tattoo does not get a kick back, we just like the stuff). Pretty much any moisturizer WITHOUT alcohol in it will work. Antibiotic creams are not necessary.

  • You will get some peeling...DON'T scratch, let nature take her course.

  • Keep it CLEAN...once or twice a day, clean it gently with warm water, clean cloth and gentle soap. Pat dry.

  • When healed, enjoy! and show it off proudly! INK is ART!